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Takeuchi Naoko Essays and Interviews


  • Takeuchi-sensei is a Christian *FALSE RUMOR*
    Time to debunk this rumor! Also tells why.

  • Takeuchi-sensei Alludes to Other Manga
    Hey, who wouldn't want to do it. Many mangaka do it as a tip off their pens to another mangaka. Takeuchi-sensei is no exception!

    SOS lies about sensei
    Showing and support for all the false rumors that SOS has spread. and their "reasons" why. Also why I don't believe them.


  • Kia Asamiya Interview, translated by Mina Kaye
    An interview by Kia Asamiya.

  • University Interview, English translation
    It's poorly translated for now, forgive me... I used a generator. I'll fix it when I can now that I know more Japanese. The Japanese version is here: University Interview, original Japanese If you know your Japanes, but not kanji, try this Kanji translator