Princess Takeuchi Naoko Picture Gallery

Real life pictures

The Princess and Character designs (from SOS)

The Princess with life size Sailor Moon

The Princess with Fans

The Princess and Inner Senshi Seiyuu!

takeuchi-sensei with Osa-P (her editor)

The Princess as a model!

The Princess with squeezable Sailor Moon Doll

The Princess at NASA in Front of a Shuttle

The Princess at NASA with an Astronaut

Seiyuu and Sailor Moon staff from SMS movie.

Convention 1

Convention 2

Convention 3

The Princess and Sailor Moon Merchandise

takeuchi with Sailor Stars Myu cast.

Actors of Myu group?

The Prince and Princess Married (from SOS)

Self-portrait Manga pictures

Hime in style

Hime with Fanfics

Usagi no Hime

Hime comic strip

Princess Takeuchi Naoko Back-to-Society Punch!!!
I have one pic that I picked up from SOS (with no warnings mind you) and one from Alex Glover. I want more. (In fact I want all of them especially the one of the Prince in the second manga that talks about him holding a paper crane!) I don't care if they are incidental to the text I want them!
(and the manga too, but it seems that I can't get it.)

Hime comic strip of Kenji-papa