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Takeuchi Naoko Basic Statistics

Name: Takeuchi Naoko (武内直子)

Name Meaning:
take - Warrior, military chilvarious
uchi - inside, within, between, among, house, home;
nao - straightaway, honesty, frankness, fix, repair
ko - child, small, suffix for women's names

- Hime (by Togashi-sensei)
- Take (by Hiura Satoru)
- Takeuchi-sensei (by fans)
- Naoko-chan (By close friends and relatives, no fans.)

Heritage: Japanese (what else could it be?)

Gender: F (anyone didn't know this is dense)

Birthdate: March 15, 1967

Birthplace: Kofu city in Yamanashi Prefecture

Religious Affiliation: None known.
The report that she is Christian, is most likely false. She was officially married in a Shinto shrine.

Hair Color: Black

Hair Shape: wavy

Height: 160 cm? (looks like the same height as Mitsuishi Kotono on back flap of volume 5 in Japanese version of the manga)

Handedness : Right-handed

Background: She has a lot of allergies. (Poor Takeuchi-sensei)

- To be a great manga artist (but you already are!)
- be completely financially dependant on her husband so she doesn't have to work (so much for that dream)
- to have a family, to be married (that already happened)
- to be able to sleep late whenever she wants. (that's fulfilled!)
[AN: She WAS being slightly facetious when she said this..]