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Takeuchi Naoko Preferences

From the site:

Hobbies: collecting antiques (especially lamps and mirrors), and shopping (I really like her taste in the clothes that she draws!), and drawing. recently she likes Gardening and studying her husband.

Clothing Style: designer

Habits: getting her hair and nails done and sleeping late (when she can)

Talent: She can make REAL odango with hairpins (and I mean no wannabe odango) and she can cook (like Mako-chan .^_^.)!

Favorite Colors
- Gold (like Haruka)
- She also likes silver
- Ami's kind of blue. (and blue-gray)
- She likes purple (especially dark ones and lavender)
- She also likes pink.
- She also stated that she loves floresance. (even if it destroys the copying machine ^.~)

Favorite Flower: ? (I don't know this one. Any clue? Give me an e-mail)

Favorite Gemstone: Pearl (She said she'd rather get those than diamonds. You see them everywhere throughout her manga too! It's also one gemstone she didn't use for an enemy in Sailor Moon!)