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Takeuchi Naoko Personality

Shy and indecisive (as she says in her liner notes). She seems very open once you get to know her. (Like the way Pisces is! ^_-). She also believes in astrology, hmm... I wonder if that's why it shows up in all her manga stories. She seems to have tons of friends and a very genuine personality from what I've read about her and from her. She seems to know how to have fun and a good time while she's doing it, but that's my own opinion.

She also likes to sleep late and be lazy (not like her blood type), but wants to do a good job. She says that she is most like Usagi-chan. (I guess she likes her the best, though she most likely likes them all for one reason or another.) She also said she is least like Michiru-sama (though they are they same astrological sign!). She did put most of her personality into each and everyone of her characters.

She likes dancing and going out to clubs and shopping. She seems to really like designer clothes. (from Princess Takeuchi Naoko Back-to-Society Punch!! and the Liner notes from the Illustration novel notes in which she mentioned a lot of designers that she either used to wear, admire, or now wearing. She also drew Ruruna and Naruna with designer suspenders in her manga.)

She also likes dark, mysterious, serious guys and romances; who is just like an encyclopedia (as sited from her manga liner notes and her Princess Takeuchi Naoko's Back-to-Society Punch!!), but also said any man who asks her to marry him must be nice! ^_^, (must be how Togashi-sensei won her heart! ^.-)

She also says that she worries a lot and sited it as a hobby! Though when she is stressed out she reenergizes by going to oceanside to see the night view from Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo/Chiba Bay Area in her Ferrari or Porsche real fast (must be fun!) (one of which she name Poruporu ^_^). She also loves drawing rain scenes and she likes drawing dark scapes which is why I guess Sailor Moon's adventures always happen at night!