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Takeuchi Naoko FAQ

What is Takeuchi-sensei's College Senior thesis, "Heightened Effects of Thrombolytic Actions Due to Ultrasound" about anyway?
ans. From the title, we can gather that it's about blood clots (specifically to those of the heart) being more frequent around Ultrasound. ^_^ It has to do with the "Thrombus."

Who is Takeuchi-sensei's favorite Sailor Senshi?
ans. Possibly Sailormoon. Possibly.

Does Takeuchi-sensei send new comments to Mixx Entertainment to put into the Tankoubon?
ans. Apparently not. Mixx hasn't gotten an answer back from her since the least to the fans.

Is it true that Takeuchi-sensei had anorexia when Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon first got popular?
ans. This is not true she said (according to Alex Glover's translations) "I was doping every day to endure the tension. My stomach was upset, and my skin was wearing out." Doping, means taking drugs for the STRESS. You can also, medically, have an upset stomach from stress as well (for an anime example, look at the Kodocha episode where Hayama's papa coughs up blood..), but it does not mean that she refrained from eating. She complained of thin skin too...which also comes from stress and being locked up in a cloistered not very well ventilated office. She was a pharmacist, and is very bright, and intelligent...I doubt she would do something like that. (She certainly never seemed to lack self-confidence and self-esteem.)

If you don't call this stress, I don't know if you're human!:

"While doing about a 40-50 page serial, I have to do two books as special editions, 64 pages for a special issue supplement, 135 new pages for a tankoubon, 10 color pages a month, write the setup for the anime, do appointments and data collection, and between that I have to be sure to date (I was constantly rejected). I caught guys, and was traveling abroad, so at that time Princess Naoko had around three people...:"

I would have cramps too, and I would have thin skin, and bad health from that...afterall she said, "At that time I was often doing work. When I went to sleep, it felt like I was fainting. It felt like I was always delirious with fever."

Diagnosis: Extreme stress.

To add to that, she said that her manager and boss used to cook dinner for her in the early days...which is at the same time frame she's describing...--;; can't have anorexia if you're eating...

Is it true that Takeuchi-sensei hates the US?
ans. No. This was made up by a fan and SOS (Save our Sailors). She cried when she found out that her manga had reached Jakarta and it had touched lives there. She's grateful for her fanship, so no.