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Takeuchi Naoko's Address


These are tips for writing her. Follow the following 10 rules and she will understand you.


1. She doesn't speak English. (at least very good English)

2. Since she only speaks Japanese fluently, it would be good to try out your Japanese skills.

3. Check grammar and spelling.

4. Be sure to know her favorite things.

5. Gifts need no translation.

6. Pictures need no translation.

7. Show respect and admiration.

8. Read up on the latest news, be informed.

9. Read All FAQ about her.

10. isn't owned by her.

Yes, I've read all of the instructions and the FAQ about Takeuchi-sensei BEFORE writing to her. I would like to write her as an educated fan. I will not ask silly and stupid questions such as if the rest of Sailormoon will come to the United States, or if there will be more Sailormoon. I swear as my integrity as a Takeuchi-sensei fan that I will try my best. I also do not hold, the fansite dedicated to this author, responsible if she doesn't respond or if I should happen to write something stupid in my letter. LET ME PROCEED

I don't read. Bring me back!