Togashi Yoshihiro
Name: Togashi Yoshihiro

Name Meaning: "Extensive Righteousness Wealthy Oak"

to (from Tomi): wealthy/ rich

gashi: oak

yoshi: righteousness

hiro: extensive

Birthplace: Japan, Yamagataken (Yamagata Prefecture)

Birthday: 27th April, 1966 (Shouwa)

Horoscope: Taurus

Blood Type: A

Favourite Food: Rice with Curry

Family: Elder Sister, Younger Brother (who is also a mangaka!)

(and of course, he's married to Naoko Takeuchi and has a little son.)

Published manga:

  • Ookami nante kowakunai!! (1989)
    • "Tonda Birthday Present"
    • "Buttobi Straight"
    • "Occult Tanteidan" 1 and 2
    • "Horror Angel"
    • "Ookami nante kowakunai!!"

  • Ten de Shouwaru Cupid (1989-90)

  • Yu Yu Hakusho (1990-94)

  • Level E (1995-97)

  • Hunter x Hunter (1998-)
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