Togashi Yoshihiro
Although many Western fans first discovered Togashi Yoshihiro when he married Takeuchi Naoko, he is a fabulous mangaka in his own right. His first manga was published in 1989, and his works are distributed through Shounen Weekly Jump, one of the most popular "phonebook" manga periodicals in Japan. His most popular series are Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter, and both of those have been made into animated versions. Yu Yu Hakusho is even available in English in the US!

Togashi-sensei's art style can range from very realistic to very cartoonish. He does not limit himself to a particular style in manga, but utilizes this ability to the fullest, changing the style for each manga he draws. He also has a section in Takeuchi Naoko-hime no Oheya, drawing various comics about their life, but mostly about "Petit Ouji".

Takeuchi-sensei describes Togashi as a game otaku, messy, disorganized, and a bit strange. But at the same time, he seems honest, has a good sense of humor (though quite off-beat), and likes to eat (apparently, he's very appreciative of Takeuchi-sensei's cooking). He tends to go on strange food addictions, such as pudding cups, Takeuchi-sensei's curried rice, and pomegranate seeds (though the validity of these statements are probably under some question, since it was meant to be a parody and humorous). Both of them seem to have a good knowledge of the occult.

Also, Togashi-sensei apparently has glasses, secured together at the nose piece with a piece of Scotch tape. He tends to represent himself as a dog when writing author's notes.

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