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In Japanese

Takeuchi Naoko's Room (Officail Site)
Takeuchi Naoko Sensei no Oheya
The Official site of Takeuchi-sensei. It includes new pictures, information, and contact information. It's updated at the beginning of every month (In Japan.. compensate for time diference). However, it's only in Japanese. Your browser must be Japanese enabled to view the site.

If you register, you can get a way to translate most any language. (You don't get spam if you register) It's useful for Japanese and Korean. It works best on IE.

In English

Takeuchi Naoko Translations
Alex Glover
Most of the resources that people used on this site to find out about the manga, come from here. Anyone that has any interest in Takeuchi-sensei should go here.

Naoko Takeuchi Mailing List
Nishi Rajan
The mailing list is admittedly slow, however, this does have some points of interest occasionally. It will give you tips, etc and updates. I post in there too.
Has reports in English about the latest from Nakayoshi. Usefulk.. it's where Pretty mecha Princess was reported (Now called Toki*Meka).

BLACK MOON- Naoko Takeuchi, creator of Sailormoon
An Alternative to SOS's reporting of the convention (and a better one at that). It lists all the questions in a concise order and with answers. It also gives a first hand report of the convention, rather than second hand report. Plus it reports, rather than feeding opinions to the reader, to give a chance to draw your own conclusions.
The main page also has a lot of neat and interesting information on Japanese culture.
An Interview in English from an Italian Magazine.
An Interesting Essay on Takeuchi-sensei. The main page is also very interesting, though many of the links are out of date.

Sailor Moon Uncensored: Anti-SOS
I refuse to list SOS, BTW. They get, "We hate Takeuchi Naoko except when it's not convient award". Please read this link instead. (The main page is also very good)

In Other Languages
One of the best in French! Vraiment. C'est fantastique! A bit out of date on works.
Ce n'est pas dommage. The info is basic and routine, but well composed. A bit out of date.
A Website in Spanish about Takeuchi-sensei. The information looks good. Plus it has a picture I don't have. (It's from the 80's pre-Sailormoon.)